KNAC Faculty & Staff

...including terminal degree, title, and research specialties.


Colgate University

Thomas Balonek UMass Professor of Physics & Astronomy Variable stars, quasar variability, asteroids
Jeffrey Bary Vanderbilt Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy Pre-main sequence stars
Jonathan Levine Berkeley Associate Professor of Physics planetary science, meteorites, and instrument development

Haverford College

Kate Daniel Johns Hopkins Assistant Professor of Physics at Bryn Mawr
Galaxy evolution and dynamics

Steve Goldman Keele Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Evolved stars, circumstellar dust, stellar mass loss, late stellar evolution

Dan Grin Caltech Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Particle cosmology, with a view toward galaxy surveys and CMB experiment

Wynn Ho Cornell Research Associate
Neutron star physics, gravitational waves, stellar atmosphere modeling, X-ray binaries

Islam Khan Washington State Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Early universe cosmology, inflation, reheating, stellar spectroscopy and populations

Karen Masters Cornell Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy surveys, galaxy morphology, HI in galaxies, citizen science

Andrea Lommen Berkeley Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Pulsars, gravitational waves

Bruce Partridge Oxford Professor Emeritus of Astronomy
Cosmology, the microwave background, and radio studies of galaxies

Paul Thorman New Mexico Physics Laboratory Instructor
Milky Way structure, nearby stars, and data mining large optical/IR surveys

Middlebury College

Eilat Glikman Columbia Associate Professor of Physics
Quasars and AGN

Stephen Ratcliff Princeton Professor Emeritus of Physics
Variable stars, stellar spectroscopy, instrumentation

Frank Winkler Harvard Professor Emeritus of Physics
Supernova remnants and the interstellar medium

Richard Wolfson Dartmouth Professor Emeritus of Physics
The solar corona and coronal mass ejections

Swarthmore College

David Cohen Wisconsin Professor of Astronomy,
Department Chair

Modeling and X-ray observations of winds from massive stars, exoplanets

Eric Jensen Wisconsin Professor of Astronomy
Formation of planets, young stars in binary systems, exoplanets

Mary Ann Klassen Wyoming Senior Laboratory Lecturer in
Physics and Astronomy

Natalia Lewandowska Wurzburg Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Multiwavelength studies of pulsars

Jesse Rivera Rutgers Visiting Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Radio astronomy, dusty star forming galaxies

Tristan Smith Caltech Associate Professor of Physics
Early universe cosmology, neutrinos, CMB

Vassar College

Ed Buie II Arizona State Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Circumgalactic medium

Fred Chromey Harvard Professor Emeritus of Astronomy
Structure and history of nearby galaxies

Debra Elmegreen Harvard Maria Mitchell Professor Emerita of Astronomy
Star formation, structure of spiral and interacting galaxies

Colette Salyk Caltech Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Planet formation

Jacqueline Villadsen Caltech Visiting Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Radio emission from stellar flares and atmospheres, radio astronomy

Wellesley College

James Battat Harvard Associate Professor of Physics
fundamental physics through astrophysics, dark matter detection

Richard French Cornell Professor Emeritus of Astronomy
Planetary astronomy (in particular Saturn)

Jonathan Kemp Columbia Physics and Astronomy Instrument Technician
Cataclysmic variable stars, amateur-professional collaboration, time domain astronomy, small telescope science

Kim McLeod Arizona Professor of Astronomy
& Observatory Director

Observational extrasolar planet searches

Hora Mishra Oklahoma Visiting Lecturer active galactic nuclei, blazars, galaxy clusters, large-scale structure

Wesley Watters MIT Associate Professor of Astronomy
& Department Chair

Mars surface processes, impact cratering, planetary geodynamics

Wesleyan University

Bill Herbst Toronto John Monroe Van Vleck Professor
Emeritus of Astronomy

Sellar formation, photometry, rotation, accretion disks

Meredith Hughes Harvard Associate Professor of Astronomy
Radio astronomy and planet formation
Roy Kilgard Leicester Associate Professor of the Practice in Astronomy
X-ray source populations in galaxies, statistical challenges in X-ray astronomy

Ed Moran Columbia Professor of Astronomy, Department Chair
X-ray Astronomy, X-ray background radiation

Seth Redfield Colorado Associate Professor of Astronomy
UV and optical spectroscopy, local ISM, exoplanets

Sarah Wellons Harvard Assistant Professor of Astronomy
Galaxy formation and evolution, cosmological simulations

Williams College

Marek Demianski


Visiting Professor of Astronomy

Cosmology and relativistic astrophysics

Kevin Flaherty


Lecturer and Observatory Supervisor

Star and planet formation

Anne Jaskot


Assistant Professor of Astronomy

Extragalactic astronomy, starburst galaxies, the ISM, and reionization
Karen Kwitter UCLA Ebenezer Fitch Professor
Emerita of Astronomy
Planetary nebulae, interstellar medium, spectroscopy, evolution of intermediate-mass stars

Jay Pasachoff Harvard Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy, Observatory Director,
Department Chair
Solar corona as studied at total eclipses, solar chromosphere, interstellar deuterium and its implications for cosmology, occultations by Pluto and other outer solar-system objects

Steven Souza Stony Brook Senior Lecturer Emeritus and
Observatory Supervisor Emeritus
Early-type emission line stars, cold interstellar clouds, stellar occultations

Jen Winters Georgia State Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
M dwarf binary star studies, planets around M dwarfs, Solar Neighborhood studies

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