REU summer research program

The application for summer 2021 is now closed.


The REU program runs for 10 weeks, with the start date determined by each individual faculty member. Stipends and housing allowances total approximately $4500 per student with small variations depending on the local rate at each host school.

Students participating in the REU program are required to present their work at the Fall Student Research Symposium. Because the symposium facilitates interactions between students and faculty from the various schools, faculty advisors of applicants from non-consortium schools are encouraged to contact Prof. Meredith Hughes at Wesleyan University () for information about the summer exchange program. The consortium will pay travel expenses for the fall symposium for both the research student and faculty mentor.


The KNAC REU program accepts applications from students who attend any of our eight member schools plus Bryn Mawr. We allocate a small number of positions for U.S. citizens attending other U.S. colleges and universities. For students applying from outside the KNAC consortium: we are especially keen to serve students who have had few opportunities for astronomy research participation. Please explain the ways in which your circumstances fits this description. And we especially encourage applications from under-represented minorities and students whose schools are geographically close to member schools and are interested in forging a long-term relationship with the consortium members.

Applicants can have majors in astronomy, math, physics, engineering, or other allied fields, as long as they have adequate backgrounds to be able to participate in astronomical research. The REU program is only open to students who have not yet received a bachelor's degree by the beginning of the summer. Please contact if you have questions about eligibility.

Participating faculty from the eight consortium schools may choose any applicant from the pool, with the restriction that they may not choose students from their own institution.

Participants are required to attend the fall research symposium, hosted at one of the member schools, and to present the results of their summer research.

The application

Applications consist of the online form, to be completed by the student, and two letters of recommendation to be submitted in PDF format. Please submit no more than two letters of recommendation.

The only way to apply for a 2021 summer position was via this on-line application. Do not send any additional information by email, as it will not be included in your application. The deadline was February 10.

Note to letter writers: please send your letter of recommendation to as a PDF.

We will notify applicants of offers from faculty beginning March 1.

Note: Applicants who have accepted other REU offers or who otherwise wish to remove themselves from consideration are asked to email at the earliest possible moment.

The application for summer 2021 is now closed.

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