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Application for the KNAC summer REU program, 2022

Applications are due by February 10, 2022

Step 1: Enter the requested information below:

 1. Contact Information: 
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Current mailing address: 
Permanent home address: 
Telephone (preferred school dorm or cellphone contact number): 
E-mail address (preferably) or telephone number where you can be reached late February to mid-March; may be the same as above: 
Are you a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.? 
Yes No     Why does this matter?

 2. Present College/University Education: 
Grade Point Average (out of 4.00): 
Month and year of expected graduation: 
How many years of full-time study at college level will you have completed by Summer 2022? 
Your main field(s) of study; check all that apply:  Astronomy/Astrophysics
Planetary Science
Computer Science
Other (specify below)
Specify field (if "other" above): 
List below all college-level courses in Physics, Astronomy/Astrophysics, Geology/Geoscience, Planetary Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics that you have taken, and the grade received in each course; you do not need to send a transcript. If you have not yet received a grade for a course, write "in progress". Please list course names (e.g., "Electricity and Magnetism", "Cosmology", etc.) as well as numbers, since numbers like "Physics 123" alone don't mean anything to someone not at your home institution.

Additional remarks about your course of study. This is optional, but can be used to tell us about, e.g., a relevant minor or second major.

 3. Computer Applications/Programming Experience: 
Tell us about any computer experience you have. Don't worry if you don't have specific experience with the languages listed below - many successful applicants don't.

Years of experience
Describe your experience (if any)
Other relevant computing experience (e.g., other programming languages; Unix/Linux experience; etc.): 

 4. Personal Statement: Describe your motivation and relevant experience 

Please enter a short essay (<500 words) addressing:

  • Why you are interested in a research position with KNAC and what you would bring to such a position;
  • Anything else you think is relevant to your application.

One of the goals of the KNAC REU program is to extend astronomy research opportunities to students outside KNAC who have had few opportunities for astronomy research participation. If you are applying from outside the KNAC consortium, please explain the ways in which your circumstances fit this description.

If you are interested in working in a particular area of astronomy that we offer, or at a particular school, you may describe it here. Any special work-related requirements or accommodations should also be included. Unless you state otherwise in your essay, we will assume that you are willing to accept a position at any of the consortium institutions. You may want to edit your essay in a separate file and then paste the text of the final draft in the box here.

In which of the following research fields would you be willing to work? If you don't have a strong interest in one particular field, simply check all the boxes.
Interstellar medium
Solar system + planetary geology & geophysics

 5. References 
Below you should enter the name, institution, and e-mail address of two people who will be providing letters of reference for you. Note that it is your responsibility to make sure that the letters of reference are submitted on time. These letters should be submitted in PDF form by e-mail to . Please ask your letter writers to submit in PDF format only. Please do not submit more than two letters.

E-mail address of first reference:
Name, title, and institution of first reference:

E-mail address of second reference:
Name, title, and institution of second reference:

By submitting this application, and consistent with the academic standard, you waive your right to view letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf.

Press this button to check your application. You will have a chance to verify the information you entered before finalizing your application.

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